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Monthly Income: the amount you receive each month (tax free) while on claim. The maximum is approximately 2/3 of your income.

Waiting period: the time delay between becoming disabled and receiving the first cheque. The reduction in premiums between a 30 to 60 to 90 day waiting period is very pronounced, whereas a change from 90 to 120 day waiting period is relatively minor. This usually makes the 60 to 90 day waiting period the most economical choice.

Maximum time on claim: the length of time that you can receive disability payments after you first go on claim. It is not the length of time you are insured for Disability Insurance; it is the length of time you derive an income during disability.

Any occupation: the most restrictive definition of disability. Only when you are unable to perform any occupation whatsoever can you collect on your disability insurance.

Regular occupation: a moderately restrictive definition of disability. You must be unable to perform the duties of your job as it is normally performed, resulting in a loss of income of a certain percentage.

Own occupation: the least restrictive definition of disability. You can go on claim when unable to perform your own occupation, even though you can still perform other jobs and earn as high or higher an income than before your injury. This form of disability insurance is typically only available to "white collar" workers.

Optional Benefits

Return of Premium: refunds 70% of the premiums paid every 8-10 years. It also pays at death or policy expiry. These funds may be taken in cash, used to reduce future premiums, or both.

Cost of Living: increases your coverage annually to keep up with cost of living increases.

Guaranteed Future Additional Insurance: allows you to purchase additional coverage in the future, without having to prove your health.

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What information is collected?

  1. Insurance-related information: This includes some personal information necessary for providing a quote (e.g. gender, health, tobacco use), as well as information on the type and amount of insurance you desire (e.g. type of insurance, amount of coverage desired, length of term desired, etc.).
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Is any of the information disclosed to others?

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No. Your email address and telephone number are not used in any contact lists, so you will not receive any future correspondence.

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